Thursday, April 21, 2011

Choir, Friends, Hair, and a Creepy Drawing

We had a down week in choir, filled with movie watching amazingness
and also..
weird things..

Such as this..
You may have to click on it to make it bigger so you can read all my side notes of what's exactly going on..ahahaha ~ ♥

Rachel and I ♥♥

Abi, Katie and I ♥

A really bad picture of me, and Kalli ~
I had nothing to do during my TA Hour, so I was wondering around the main commons (amazing how no one really questions what you're doing..)
And I saw that the sophomore field trip had gotten back and that's when I ran into Kalli

That night,

I decided to follow an older Bubzbeauty video and braid my hair (and extensions as you can see in the background) for SUPER waves

well it worked..kinda
It only works on thin hair I think..
Because it was super tight waves on the bottom of my real hair, and basically nothing on the top..
so.. I was upset with it..

So during my TA Hour I put it up using a pencil like what Josh (petrilude on youtube) does when he has a wig on ~ :D

Also, I drew this picture also while being bored during my TA Hour
I stole the markers and was pretty proud XD

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