Thursday, April 7, 2011

AD Haul + some random things

I ended up not buying as much as I wanted to at con, but still spent a substantial amount of money ^-^'' (I think roughly $80-90?)

So here is what I got!

Hello Kitty earrings, they were so cute..♥♥♥♥

Lolita music socks ♥♥♥


new bow~~ ♥

wasabi kit-kat, twas..intersting..
White chocolate + weird after taste..

meiji mini candies ~ ♥

and of course, you can't leave the convention without buying dessert Pocky ♥
This kind was Praline, it tasted like a cappuccino

I also bought konpei for Nik because he had said he liked it and being the great girlfriend I am (;D ;D ;D) I got it for him! ♥

Well thats all really..
So I'll jump into other things that have happened over the week
Monday and Wednesday were major Novus days, we judged all of the artwork and photography and now I'm into cataloging the poems (yippee..)
Tuesday I had a choir concert

I won't lie I was pretty lazy for it..
It was the one that's grades 6-12 in the field house..
It was...cute?
Sure we'll go with that..

and I also got new eyelashes from my mother that I still need to modify a bit
but I think they're cool ~~ ♥

Okay that's all ~ GOOD NIGHT ♥

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