Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shopping for the Skin ♥

The other day I decided to make a TLC run for my skin
As some of us know, I'm really self-conscious about my skin, but I'm taking action and hoping for the best! ♥

Just a photo of the day (Sunday)

I bought lotion, because, well, I was out
and yay for hydration :D ♥

I got new tights, not really apart of skin care, but may show off the effects?

Blemish stuff, it feels super nice when you rinse it off x-x

I saw the commercial for it and it seems really healthy, so far so good
It smells nice as well XD

And also to clean off my eye make-up, these work really well!

Then I ran over to County Market and bought Pocky from there. I've never really been in there but I decided to go because Nik was working that day and I wanted to kinda surprise him ^-^ ♥
The store is a lot smaller than I thought, but then again I'm very much accustomed to Cub ~

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