Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grandmothers House ♥

Yesterday I had to go to the print shop for Novus in the morning.
We talked about paper, colors and fonts.. yeah, we're super exciting.
Mariya had me go to the bathroom with her, and someone helped us find it, but we got lost on our way back and had to ask around =.='''''' We be smart people! ahaha ♥
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures whilst this was going on. But I did go to my grandmothers house for lunch with her and my uncles afterward which I did take pictures of!

I was very business-like for the print shop..

My uncle Chuck, my dad and grandmother around the table

best. picture. ever.

this was our lunch ~

Minuet the puppy ~ so cute ~ ♥

my dad looking at pictures from Chuck's trip to California

Strawberry and Rhubarb pie ~

Souvenirs from California ~ :D ♥

Uncle Vin, most likely arguing about something

Chuckles ~ ahaha ~ ♥

My grandmother ~ so precious ~ ♥

I was gettin' up in his grill with my camera [totally gangster, right? right?]

And just a final picture ~ I was sooooo sleepy x-x

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