Monday, March 28, 2011

Holy Choir!

Since Thursday, I've been non-stop choir-ifying!
Bahaha, anyway,
Thursday I had a concert ~

In the car there ~

Kalli and I ! ♥

My darling Abi and I XD ♥

Then Friday I practiced for solo/ensemble
..and was lazy..

So I sat on Abi, who was sitting on Rachel,
and then there's Kalli chilling behind the chair XD
Oh and Emma eating Cheerios XD

Then Abi wanted a hug from Jess, but Jess didn't want a hug, so she ran away
and Abi chased her like a doll
it was funny ~~~

Then there was Kala and Jess, ohyes ~

Then on Saturday, there was solo/ensemble
I was supposed to be in both Premiere groups and a trio
But problems arose, and I missed my first Premiere performance..
Won't lie, cried like a BABY
I hate being late, or failing, or missing anything or just, UGH.

I was really just checking my makeup in this, but my ladies came and decided to join the picture, ahaha

checking again, yay red eyes..

more pictures together ~

At 10:50,
We went to our other Premiere performance and got the highest rating! YAY!

Then my trio wasn't until 2:30 so we went to lunch!
We found this Chinese place called Guang Zhou

I had sweet&sour chicken

my mother and Abi and sesame chicken and Abi got egg drop soup

And Kalli had the orange chicken!

Then we decided to go to Northtown mall to kill more time XD

Kalli had said she liked the color of the bra, but the way she touched it was so funny.. XD

Punching the Biebs in Hot Topic

writing on the touch screen there.. probably shouldn't have done that but oh well..

walking around ~~

We decided to try on dresses at DEB
They actually let us take pictures..weird..
But we definitely took advantage of this XD

This is the picture that I was taking in the picture before XDD

My mother got us an Orange Julius which we all shared XD

okay so this was kind of out of order, this was before we left for the mall, still in front of the school but I liked it..

Then we went back to my house for a while and danced around XD
yaay for an awkward ending picture !!

That was all ♥