Saturday, February 12, 2011

Super Bowl

I know this is super late, since the Super Bowl was last Sunday,
but I finally had the time to update now >-<''''

For Super Bowl XLV (is that even right..?), I went to Abi's house!
It was a lot of fun!
We watched the Puppy Bowl and some of the actual game
I decided that the performances were terrible, excluding Slash and Usher, very much so including Christina and Fergie
But really, most of the time I just spent eating =='''

I thought this looked nice and fancy-like

In Abi's room while Abi's figuring out what to do with her hair XD

getting in a foot war while watching the puppy bowl XD

In Abi's room

Abi and I !

Abi with her camera, very bad lighting

And of course a classic mirror shot ;D

And that was that
I was glad that Green Bay had won, not really for any particular reason though ahaha

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