Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pictures of the Week

I did end up taking a few pictures throughout the week
So here they all are with commentary XD

Abi and I on Tuesday in the morning in the cafeteria
I was so sleepyyyy

I had my final appointment for my clinical research on Tuesday!
(..For those who didn't know, I was in a medical research group for migraines)
(Yaay compensation)
This sticker was from an ECG machine, it was on my ribcage and I had forgotten about it
The doctor had even reminded me it was back there but I forgot

Jake S. , Amanda H., and Kayla M. performed (I believe) a medley from Les Miserables for A.P. European History
They were all really good! Especially Jake!

Nik and I in chemistry
Nik being a weirdo and trying to make odd faces
silly goose, he is.

on Thursday, I had rolled and pinned my hair to make it look a lot shorter (previous picture)
A lot of people had thought that I cut it off XD
Which was exactly the reaction I was hoping for!

Just another picture, taken in the afternoon rather than my usual morning pictures XD

Here's another example of how different my eyes look with circle lenses in.
The last picture I had done of this, my eyes were super red, so I hope this is a better example!

I'm off to bed now!
Good night!

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