Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tea Party!

Yesterday I had a tea party! ♥
There were so many people x-x''''

I wore my circle lenses and wore a nifty hat :D

Abi wore my Suigintou cosplay dress from the 7th grade XD

Tons of people x-x

Amber was reunited with Stephen,
I think we can definitely tell who was more excited XD

Abi and I

Amber and Abi on Stephen ^-^'''

Abi and I gettin' tired x-x

Balloon wars!

Balloon coloring again

A pretty flower :D I'm going to press it!

Casey, Amber and Stephen chillin' in the living room

Samantha and Sunshine being absolutely adorable as usual ♥

People were showing up while we were baking x-x'''
bad timing..

There was a music note in the brownie mix XD

Abi and I again XD

People greeting each other XD

Kristy and Eric :D ♥

It was really fun!
Tomorrow I should be editing the vlog that went along with this,
I still have to get some footage from Abi ^-^'''''

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