Thursday, January 6, 2011

so many questions..

What is your name?

Or what should your name be?
What else should it be..?

How is your life going?
Meh it's okay I guess

What is your nickname?
Norable, Nora-dora, shorty, the Bow-Girl, etc etc.

What is your theme song?
Me Muero

What is your best friend's theme song?
She said it's Bumble-Bee, ahaha

How is your life going to turn out?
Hnnng.. about that.. ahaha

Will you get married?
maybe, who knows

Will you have kids?
maybe, probably not though

What will your job be?
designer or clerical position

Did you/will you finish school?
Of course I will

Who is your best friend?
Abi, Rachel, Casey :D

Who is or will be your significant other?
I don't know

Who do you like?
Mr. guyinmystatsclass

How will you die?
By accidentally eating something I shouldn't have.

How do you feel right now?
hng, kinda tired I guess

What is your favorite song?
Currently, Keep Your Head Down by TVXQ! and Sunshine Girl by moumoon

How could you describe your parents?

Your teachers?
Mr. O :D :D :D :D

What is your best feature?
I dunno..

How could you describe this survey?
repetitive, you keep making me delete questions that have already been asked D: <

What makes you angry?
being ignored or lied to

What makes you sad?

What makes you happy?
music, people, funny things

What makes you dance? sometimes.. otherwise I just randomly dance..

What is your favorite color?

How would you describe yourself?
..The Bow Girl..Who Likes Chocolate Cake..

Who is your worst enemy?
A Canadian (insertbadwordhere)

Who do you hate?
The Canadian!

Who do you love?
My friends

Who do you lust after?
CHO KYUHYUN ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
ahaha ♥

Finish the Sentence:

I wish
I had an Oscar Meyer wienerrrrr ~~~ AHAHA JUST KIDDING I'M NOT BIG ON HOT DOGS

I want to

I want to kill
an idiot

Additional Details

I want to eat
a brownie..
mission: unsuccessful D:

My head
has hair on it..?

I am
a fun-sized bow girl who likes chocolate cake

My best feature is

My eyes are

My hair is
dyed, going to be dyed again soon to better match my extensions

My face is
..let's not go there..

You should
bring me the brownie I requested

Random what..?

Words of advice
Don't take candy from strangers, unless it's me, then take it and be happy :D ♥

How do others see me?
How would I know ?

How do I see myself?

Well anywho that was that
It was supposed to be one of those "PUT YOUR PLAYLIST ON SHUFFLE BLAHBLAHBLAH"
but the answers I got didn't make any sense, so little of sense that it wasn't funny
SOOO I just decided to answer the questions..

Tomorrow I'll be PICTURE updating and I have a TON of pictures from this week,
Okay, night night

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