Friday, January 14, 2011

Making Hair look shorter

Today I wanted to try to look like my fashion idol, Tsubasa Masuwaka

I think she's super adorable and I always love what she wears x-x
I follow her twitter and style-blog just to see what she's wearing or what her hair is like XD

Of course, my hair is much longer than her hairstyle in that picture,
So I teased all my bottom layers up and pinned them, then with a ton of hairspray,

My hair looked shorter :D
Not as short as Tsubasa's, but still shorter XD

I wore lots of stripes today XD

One handed Moosh face ~ (olgakay♥)
It also seems I have an aegyo look going on..
as in like aegyo plastic surgery for your eyes, it's a popular procedure in Korea to give the mini-bag under your eye which is supposed to make you look more innocent and young like Sungmin from Super Junior or like most of the girls in SNSD but really if you just squint your eyes a certain way, it has the same effect XD

Yeah I took a lot of pictures this morning because apparently I like to look at myself a lot (NOT TRUE) =.='''''''

Holy Goodness (totally almost wrote Google there..) I actually wrote things instead of posting pictures with labels XD

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