Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 Holy Jesus I'm finally updating! 
Well last Thursday was Thanksgiving and my parents cooked a full meal at our house, then transported it all to my grandmother's house (about 20 miles away). 
There, we heated things up and had a lovely meal with my grandmother and uncle.

My lovely parents listening intently to my grandmother who is out of the shot

Pumpkin Pie!
French Silk Pie!

It was so freaking delicious. The pies came from the bakery my mother works at in St Paul

Instead of stuffing the turkey with stuffing, my father put oranges in it, it was so delicious! 

It was a whopping 21 lbs, there was so much left over..

All in all it was a lovely day! Until the snow started sticking to the great outdoors. We were nervous about getting home but we made it just fine! 

On Black Friday, Abi and I went shopping (not until around 10:30 a.m. though so it wasn't so severe). The best deals we found were at JoAnn's where I got 3 canvases, a paint kit, a vinyl box/crate, coloring book, and paint brushes for $37. We also went to Kohl's, Target, Claires, Ulta, Petsmart, and Sally's which was pretty fun.  

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