Friday, August 24, 2012

My 18th Birthday♥

Hello! Last Sunday was my 18th birthday! 

I did my nails, they were inspired by Beckii Cruel

Before I get to the party pictures and stories I have some OOTD's from the week

 Okay now on to the party! It was pretty low-key 

Nik and Magen (and Julia off to the side)

Here's the absolutely beautiful cake that Abi made me ♥

Oh look it's an Abigail taking a picture of her creation

Julia trying to beat up the pinata, it's a giant cupcake from Target. 

Presenting the diamond necklace my father got me (better picture below)

Now onto the Birthday Haul ~ ♥

Bacon flavored candy necklace..
It was basically sugary-liquid smoke. It was so awful! But amusing, from Nik♥

A computer mouse also from Nik, this was an early gift and I was there when he bought it and we didn't realize that it gives nearly seizure inducing flashing lights.. It's super cute when its not in use XD

Also some awesome batteries, but I don't know when I should use them because they're so cute! ♥ These were also an early gift from Nik ♥

These H2O Candles from Nik are also very interesting, I haven't tried them yet, but they seem cool

This is Pandy, also from Nik to keep me company while he's up north for college ♥ 
A pajama tank-top from Nik♥ I found it amusing, plus it's really comfy! 
A lovely turquoise watch from Magen
Hello Kitty duct tape from Abigail 
Abigail also gave me the leftover candles from the cake she made me~!

 And last but definitely not least, a 14 karat gold, half karat diamond necklace from my father. It is really lovely, though I haven't had the chance to wear it. He says it's meant for only special occasions. But I certainly appreciate this gift and I want it to last forever!

And that was the first half of my birthday! The other half will be in the following post about the Como Zoo Lantern Lighting Festival!♥

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