Friday, January 20, 2012

Out with the Friends!

The other day, Nik, Abi, Brody and I went to Northtown Mall
 Random picture
All of us eating a late lunch from Osaka's, yay mall food! Seriously loving everyone's faces..
 Nik eating XD

Abigail eating XD

 Abi and I looking at shoes, like typical teenage girls ~ 
 Oh silly little one ~ ;D

Later on, we dropped Brody off and Nik, Abi and I were hanging out and we were bored
So what did we do?
 Go to Broadway Pizza of course! Mind you it was 9:30 in the evening..
Abi feeling like hiding herself behind a plate..
looking disgusting..

 Oh gosh..
mini cookie pizza! It's so friggin yummy x-x 

 Oh no, the night did not end there..

 We went to roam Walmart! Until around 11:30 ~ then Nik dropped us off and Abi and I passed out in my living room XD

Such a great day!

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