Saturday, October 1, 2011

Trip to Illinois

Last week, 
I took a family trip to Freeport, IL for my great grandmother's memorial service.

It was all a bit overwhelming and the car ride was so long! 7 whole hours both ways!

On our way to Illinois, we passed through Wisconsin and stopped for lunch which was next door to the Cheese Chalet ~
They had a giant cow.. nice..utter veins.. XD
The store ~
Cheddar cheese wrapped in wax that are decorated as animals and objects
my mother bought a shot glass that was a cow XD
I wore this new nail polish color, it didn't look exactly like I thought it would. I thought it would be like the new OPI Crackle but it was much more opaque, it was just grainy which was neat looking I suppose

We ordered pizza but didn't know where any plates were so we tore the box up to create plates XD
The day of the memorial service (Wednesday), we dressed up and went to the church.
I ended up reading an essay that I wrote for my English class that was about my great grandmother
I ended up getting a lot of compliments so I was at least pleased about that. 

After the service and luncheon, we went to her condo to start going through and organizing her things on the
will and had donation piles. She had so many books! Well over 1000, most likely. And so many other things, it was insane.

woo random picture of the decorations at the Country Inn in Freeport

And last but not least, my father and I at a fancy steakhouse in Freeport. The food was so amazing! I deleted all the pictures because they were such low quality.. But take my word that they had the best French Onion soup on the planet. The fillet mignon was absolutely delicious.

On the way back, my mother and I drove a '92 Sport Cherokee Jeep back that my father and I inherited from my great-grandmother that is actually in great condition given it's age.  
Anyway, it was all worth it to be there for the memory of my great grandmother. Her and I were relatively close, and her death has been very hard on me. It's been getting better though, so
that's all for this post I suppose ~ 
Thank you♥

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