Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mall of America

The other day I went wit Nik and some others to the Mall of America !

I wore tights, overalls, and a sweater because we were taking the train and I was afraid of it being cold >-<
I did gradient nails for the occasion  ~

Unfortunately I forgot my camera in the car.. So I used my phone camera!

 It took surprisingly good pictures even on the moving train

We ended up getting to the mall a half hour before the stores opened so we all walked around aimlessly for a bit XD
 Moosh ~ ♥
 Maggie and I standing in front of Spongebob, I think I was talking so I made a ridiculous face =.='''

 For breakfast, Nik bought me a cinnamon raisin roll thingy that was extra good (at least the inside was, the outside was dry..)

 Maggie and I in the Disney princess house XD
 Nik and I ~
Gah such poor lighting in the Rainforest Cafe! That's Maggie and her boyfriend Nou

 Fruit smoothie~
 Our table saver thing
 Usi and Johnny

Honestly the food wasn't as great, the prices were so high! I don't recommend going there unless you have small children that would enjoy the atmosphere. 

 Nik and I heading back home after the train ride ~ It was such a fun day! 

After stopping at home, I went to Jennifer and Samantha's house for a potluck and movie night ~ ! We watched Paranormal Activity 2 and Wicked Little Things (creepy.) It was super fun and I got to try a lot of new foods! Though, unfortunately I didn't take a lot of pictures.. Sorry!

Hope everyone is doing well ♥
See you ♥

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