Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dates With Nik♥

For the past couple weeks Nik and I have gone on a couple dates that I took pictures at ~

The first one we'll talk about is when I met his friend Brody and we went out with him and Dani~ :D ♥

There's Dani and Brody :D

Nik and I :D

Gettin' to be in the front seat :D ♥

At home actually before I got picked up XD
hairstyle inspired by one of the girls in f(x) in the music video "Hot Summer"

Then we decided to go to Petsmart

Nik and I :3 ♥

Brody, bein' weird.. XDD

Brody's new home. XDDDDD

Dani ended up buying a beta fish :D

remember, they feed their fish. XDDD

Second date, fourth of July fireworks :3
Dressed like a hippie ~ oh yeah ~

Whole coordinate ~ :D
I liked it ~

Next date, senior picture and Texas Roadhouse ~

That's what I looked like for my senior picture :3
I parted my hair way differently.. and feather extensions still ~

best buns ever..

ahaha kidding ~

Picture of part of the restaurant ~ its way bigger than it looks though

our meals ~

peanuts ~ we didn't actually eat any though XD

Then a week later we went to Rosedale Mall
But I was really sick with an infection so we didn't actually stay too long ~

Pictures while sitting down ~ :D

Now for haul pictures from that day ~ :D

long tank top / mini dress from Wet Seal

Boots from Macy's
They were so expensive for me x-x $80..

Hat from Wet Seal ~

and then I also got a bunch of candies from Tomadachi ~

All in all a great time ♥

PS. HAPPY 200th POST!!! ♥♥♥♥

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