Saturday, June 11, 2011

Last Days of School

This last week was the last week of classes!
It's summer now!

It was really hot last Sunday so I went over to Abi's house to lounge in her pool XD

Last full day of school, it was a bit chilly x-x

Our last lunch together at school~
Of course we're super healthy and such XD

On our last-last day of school (Thursday), Nik, Abi, Zach, Sami and I went to Target, the Dollar Store, PetCo and Panda Garden

Nik, Abi and I at PetCo ♥

a lazy starfish ~ PATRICK! XD

cockatiels I think ~ They were so cute, even though I'm not really into birds XD
They kept watching us XD

Blurry Speghettio

Abi and I and a Nik in the back XD

Zach, Sami and I and a Speghettio trying to shove her face in the picture XD

Abi eating XD

Nik drinking a soda, oh yeah, you suck that soda. ;D ♥ ahaha ~

My lunch ~

Zach, playing with his chicken wing

noooommm ~

Zach and Sami eating XD

Fruit plates XD

After shopping and eating, Abi, Nik and I went to our German friend, Kathi's going away party

there were a lot of people there x-x


Abi trying to bite Nik's leg..
I covered her face a little because it was a little ridiculous XDD

When Abi bit Nik's arm she decided to draw a face on him XDDD

Everyone looked super relaxed and it was such a nice day out ~

I can't wait to see what summer brings, I hope it's great for everyone !

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