Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AD Day 1

So over the weekend, I went to the most look-forwarded event of the year:
Anime Detour!
I ended up staying with a couple of Abi's friends named Callie and Joanna for the weekend.
I took a lot of pictures, then edited it down and have now split it up between the three days we were there!

So here we go :D

Here is all of us the first day before we left Callie and Joanna's house

I was Haruhi Suzumiya from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, bunny suit!

Right away I found ladies cosplaying Haruhi (me) but none were in the bunny suit

I really enjoyed her hat..

All of us in the mirror of the hotel :D

Rika from Higurashi

Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden

..I believe Amber was Beatrice from something or other?
Either way she was pretty :D

Kelsey as Miku (insert special outfit here)

Casey as..I don't remember this either but she's adorable :D

A lolita that sold me a bow :D

I enjoyed her cosplay.. though I don't know what she is..

I dont know what they were but I also liked them, especially flower head girl..


I dunno what she was either, but she was super pretty x-x♥


Princess Mononoke

My (newer) friend, Emily
She's a gyaru lover and funny XD ♥

Kate and her new contacts

America, remember, he's the HERO.
I took a picture with him and he's like "THIS IS GREAT, ITS THE HERO, AND GOD!"
Because in Haruhi, Haruhi basically subconsciously

cute lolita too lazy to get up made me laugh..

A panel about theatre makeup, though we didn't stay long since it was all about making you look old..

Silent hill, awesome..

mochi with custard ~ Abi really liked it but I guess I'm just not too fond of it ^-^'''

Instant ramen, it was so spicy but delicious x-x♥

She's so cute..

Joanna, I think she has this 6th sense of knowing when a camera is there..

just chillin'

I think they were from Hetalia..but I don't really know..

The main area of the convention with all the room parties and food stations

Drunk people yelling to us from below, we yelled back, and the person holding the room party we were in threw a waffle at them I think..

They were so cute!!

I really wish I could've gotten a closeup of her eyelashes because they were awesome..

Thought she was interesting too..

We went to a party that a friend was DJ'ing at, it was so fun :D

Then we got back to the house and drank tea that was so good !!!


  1. I believe Kelsey was Miku from From the Sandplay Singing of the Dragon o.o I am not sure though ^-^'''

  2. I happened to come across this and I was excited to see that I'm in there as Princess Mononoke. =]