Sunday, March 6, 2011

Choir Field Trip

Last Wednesday, my choir went on a Field Trip!
We went to Osseo High School for the Treble Festival
Our performance wasn't so great..
but it was still an all-right experience ^-^'''

For some reason my pictures uploaded backwards soo..

Abi, Rachel and Kalli on the bus back~

On the bus ~

With Abi ~

My first lunch at Panera Bread, it was pretty good ^-^

Abi, Kalli and I in the auditorium

Samantha, Rachel, Kalli, Abi and I in the music hall at Osseo ~

My new shoes, actually for work but I decided to wear them (did I even mention I started my job at Holiday Inn? Oh..well..I did.. I'm a food runner / odd jobs person in the kitchen on Sundays~)

In the morning ~

And that was that ~ :D


  1. omg i love the your hair style! I so don't have the guts to pull it off...sadly:(

  2. you should try and go for it! <3