Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Cosmetics

Today I was testing out my hair style for tomorrow
It was inspired by (as usual) Tsubasa Masuwaka! ♥

I thought it was different and really cute ^-^♥

of course though, instead of candies, I used bows XD

Outfit of the day :D

Today I went to ULTA and bought a bunch of stuff x-x'''''

I finally got a new makeup case that would organize all my stuff, I was so happy!

I actually got these last week from Target, but desperately needed new brushes!
Individually, they were like $11 a piece
This set was $20
I think I can do the math there.. XD

I got this free set at ULTA because they have a sale going on this week!

It came with these 8 eyeshadow colors,

I got a new foundation, finally I won't be orange (I hope!?)

Mirror from the deal-bag!

The lip gloss and lipstick were from the deal-bag
and I also got the lip stain XD

A new concealer, desperately needed

Mascara from the deal-bag XD

Lipliner and eyeliner from the deal-bag

A nail-design pen in white from claires

nail-polishes, blue from deal-bag

new liquid eyeliner,
its amazing

and then I re-did my nails with the pink and white :D

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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