Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fargo Montages and Vlog!

Last Friday and Saturday, I went with the Anoka High School Cantamus Choir to Fargo, North Dakota !
It was lots of fun and I took so many pictures x-x''''
So I complied 4 montages, you can click on them to make them bigger, because I know they're tiny >-<'''''

Random pictures of newspaper dating, fountains and odd drawings XD

Which as we can see, was mainly junk food over this weekend... XD

Pictures of the people in the choir ! (mainly people in my hotel room; Abi, Rachel, Kalli, Samantha and myself)

Then some pictures I forgot about ^-^''''

mooshing ~ ♥

Attacking Rachel from behind ♥

posing for Abi in the mall XD

It was a really amazing two days, but I was so tired afterward !
I tried to sleep on the bus but that was kind of hard [uncomfortableeeee]

I also made a small vlog while we were there, most of it is just dancing on the bus XD

Have a nice week ! ♥

P.S. I hope to be updating my second youtube channel soon, I've been working on the set a LOT !
[totally procrastinates on schoolwork to go play with a staple-gun and lights, yaaay]

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