Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dad's New Toy.. and a Cat

Yesterday my dad was bored,
so we decided to take a trip to Target
To the toy section,
To buy,

A remote-control truck XD

He was so happy XD
He liked chasing after the cat with it, its quite funny

(random picture of my make up? I did the Michelle Phan valentine's day one..Awkward, anyway onward)

The Styrofoam from the packaging was sticking to Puff

I watched from a distance as he was figuring out how to get it out XD

Almost there!

Weird picture of my cat in the box, with the plastic and my reflection XD

Awww Puff is pretending he's a toy truck now!
Just kidding, ahaha
What is it with cats getting into boxes and/or bags?
It's odd..

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