Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Timberwolves Game ♥

Last night, my extracurricular choir, Premiere, got to sing the National Anthem at the Timberwolves game at the mighty Target Center!

This post will probably be just tons of pictures from the evening >-<'''

Kalli and I ♥

Abi and I ♥

ticket booths

Premiere! Mr. O took a crappy picture.. =.=''''''
I'm hoping to steal one from one of the other girls who had a picture taken

more of Abi and I

Our lovely German foreign exchange student Kati and half of Kelsey's face XD

moooosh ~ ♥

Sydney ♥

Mr. O lookin' so gangster
He was so excited to be there XD

Amanda and Molly ♥

My ticket :D Though I actually ended up sitting a few rows in front of my assigned spot
(because practically no one was there..?)

The "moon" (Timberwolves, howling, you get it..)

Abi's chicken tenders and fries that I mooched off of XD

Kalli's soda which I also mooched off of XD

Kalli ♥

Abi, Kalli and I sitting
Abi was stalking people all over the stadium with her optical zoom on her camera XD

Mr. O!

Strippers -- I mean "entertainers" XD
Just kidding, it's the dance team (same thing, right? ahaha~)

I've been wondering if the other team was Canadian..But that'd be weird wouldn't it..

Stadium pictures (you can see how many empty seats there were..)
Basketball in it's self is already an unpopular sport to watch, but the T-wolves are a really bad team, so that makes it even worse >-<
But at least our performance went well!
Molly squeezed my hand through the whole thing because she was nervous XD
If I can actually find the performance video, I'll be sure to post it! ♥

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