Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pictures of the Day

Today I took some pictures during lunch and Premiere practice

In the mornings I try to smile, and whenever I take a picture,
its always SERIOUS face
grawrrr D:

So then we have to try again
-does this many times each morning like the vain little person I am-

Abi ate holes in her bread

During lunch, with random piece of hair trying to attack my bow..

Racheellll ♥

Jenna ♥

Abiii ♥
looking like a librarian.. ;D ♥ ahaha

Abi, Kalli and I in Premiere,
I had taken a shower and didn't feel like re-doing my hair or makeup so I look like crap, sorry >-<'''''''

It was a pretty alright day ♥

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