Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Concert

Last weekend was our Holiday Choir Concert !
I finally got all the videos up so here are the pictures to go along with them :D

before I had left

I have an accidental habit of accidentally cutting peoples faces off in pictures.. ^-^;;;

So I made Abi take another one XD ♥

Kalli and I ♥

Samantha and I ♥

Kala and I ♥

Jess and I ♥

Mitch and I ♥

Katie and I ♥

Dana and I ♥

Sarah and I ♥

Rachel and I ♥

Our beloved Mr. O in his penguin suit and gettin' pumped for the concert ! XD ♥

Now for videos !

Sorry, when I uploaded these I was DEAD tired and didn't do any editing =.=;;;;

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