Sunday, December 26, 2010


Ohmygoodness my Christmas was so hectic!
I got so many things!
I hope everyone else did too! ♥

This was all the stuff in my stocking!
So much candy! and..cotton.. XD

I got this new bag that I've wanted for a while ♥

A box to hold all of my bows ! ♥

Cards from my great-grandmother (I think it's a message that I should stop e-mailing her and actually write her a letter! ahaha♥)

another box from my gigi! ♥
There were a lot of bead-necklaces inside XD

coupons from my dad for the 3 things I really wanted but he didn't want to buy the wrong thing XD ♥

A toy that "Santa" brought for my dad (and technically me but he really just wanted a new toy to mess with the cat) but it doesn't really work and it was really expensive so we're going to return it!

Then it was time to get ready to go to my uncle's house !

I wore this dress :D

And I had a candy-cane in the car

I also got this Hello Kitty ! ♥

This is the pie my mother and I made, I decorated all of the strawberries :D

The Christmas tree

my mother and I ♥

in the living room :D

The yule-log they always show on the tv every year XD

My grandmother, uncles and aunt

My parents and I

all of my presents from the rest of my family ! ♥

It was a very nice year ! ♥
I hope it was for everyone else too ! ♥

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