Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shopping, Osaka's and Thanksgiving

Last Saturday I went shopping and then to a fancy restaurant called Osaka's. And today was thanksgiving which I also have a few pictures from !

I was as Khols, which is where I bought most of my stuff

I got a new straightener ! It's so cute and it works really well

I got new shoes ♥

new jammiesss ♥

a new scarf

hello kitty shirt ! ♥

sweater dress thingy


Fancy dress I wore too Osaka's

in the car

The restaurant is so nice..

I really liked it there

I love how you sit with other people and the cooks cook right in front of you and do a lot of really neat tricks ♥

They give you sooooooo much food ! It's insane !

Today was pretty alright, I didn't take very many pictures though ^^;;

I wore a bow-tie :D

The pie was reallyreally yummy :D

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