Monday, October 11, 2010

Homecoming Game

Friday was Homecoming ! ♥
I went to the game with Abi and Matt

abi and i :D

matt and i

marching band

dance team

during the game

emma being a total gangster
ahaha ♥

people were so excited they..
stripped.. ?
actually i think these boys had written ANOKA on their chests.. XD

abi and i again

toward the end of the game, gettin sleepy ♥

when i got home i was sooo tired !

I left about 5 minutes early from the end of the game
we were winning 32 to 28 when i left
what do i hear the next day ?
32 to 36, or something
every year ive been at the highschool we've lost !
i want to beat those football players with a stick until they win ! XD

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