Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bethel Concert

On Monday we had our first choir concert at Bethel ! ♥

It was really fun and I took a lot of pictures ♥ :

stairs, trying to be a photographer and neat but mehhh

dinner ♥

my failure of an icecream cone..

the neat lights

strange art

Benson Hall ♥♥♥♥
I love this place so much ! ♥

Now for pictures of my crew XD

Rachel, ♥
Abi, ♥
Kalli ♥
and Ashleyy
we walked around a lot XD

Abi forgot to undo her zooming in XD

Kalli and I ♥

walking around XD

in our designated room XD

In the bathroom getting ready XD ♥

It was so fun !

I have videos from our performance too :
Ave Maris Stella and Norwegian Trilogy 3rd part


The recording made it come out worse than it actually was ><;;;;

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