Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Girl Confessions

"X" Marks the spot:
[x] I do wear make-up.
[ ] I have cried at a movie theater.
[x] I can put mascara on without opening my mouth.
[x] I get jealous.
[ ] I think England and Japan from APH are sexy.
[X] I love to laugh.
[ ] I like death/grind/black metal.
[/] I like rap.
[ ] I like country.
[x] I carry a purse.
[x] I’d be lost without my computer.
[ ] I own a Spice Girls CD.
[x] I own a Britney Spears CD.
[x] I own a boy band CD.
[x] I get bored watching football.
[x] Guys are confusing.
[x] I've been called a bad influence.
[ ] I have/had a piercing other than my ears.


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