Friday, July 16, 2010

Day on Grand

I went to Grand Avenue in St Paul with my mother !

I took TONS of pictures ^^♥


i had lo mein noodles, wantons, chicken and sweet/sour sauce :D♥
delicious ♥

Also there were "Chinese Doughnuts"
they were extremely chewy

For locking bikes, thought it looked neat

Wall painting :D

In random store mirror :D

more wall painting :D

hippie store with mother

fountain thingy

thought it was funny..


more flowers

random guy, wearing banana suit, with sister and friends i believe

Patio area outside of an Irish shop, they had a metal harp decoration out there that i thought was
pretty :D

Irish soda XD

In store
I talked with the owner, who is a fashion designer and has a daughter named nora :D
she was supersuper nice
and her clothes were nice too !

In ugly-shoe store/ vintage/random clothes store
If anyone wants to have an ugly shoe competition, start here, My Sisters Closet on Grand Ave
But I did get a vintage hat from here that i loved :D

snoopy !

MORE flowers

mother sniffing flowers

more flowers

me and mother

Downtown skyline

Now for things I bought :D

The hat I got :D ♥

for blending :D

Dress from a nice store
i love it :D

skirt from same store

cat from hippie place


colored pencils :D

it was a really nice day :D♥

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